Training Plan while Travelling


I just recently picked up a Wahoo Kickr trainer and downloaded TrainerRoad after doing my first Fondo last weekend (RBC Whistler). I’ve been cycling and mountain biking casually for decade but want to start training more.

Only issue is that between now and end of November, I’ll be travelling pretty extensively for work. I plan to start a dedicated training program on December 1st. In the meantime, I’m just looking for workouts which are easy to complete on a spin bike in a hotel gym. I played around with the build a training plan and nothing looks suitable for spin bikes. They all have too many power changes that will be hard to do manually. I look at the general list of workouts and it seems like Sweet Spot or Threshold training should be fairly simple to do.

I’m new to structured training. My FTP is 185 (I’ve done the ramp test already). I’m going to do my best to train as often as I can while travelling the next two months. Would my time be best used focusing on Sweet Spot or on Threshold training?


Some worthwhile blog articles from TR:

Thank you!

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There have also been a few pods that discussed this. As I recall, the consensus was to do short workouts (30 mins) with some VO2 Max intervals. That’s because trying to hit the lower power zones is too difficult b/c of inaccuracy in gym bike power readings + inadequate cooling for longer efforts. For VO2 Max, you can more readily go by feel (i.e. just go as hard as you can for 30 seconds, 2 minutes, whatever). I have done this on vacay and it worked pretty well on spin bikes in particular.

Good point about keeping them short to manage cooling. I tend to enjoy VO2 Max workouts the most anyway!