Training while away from power meter


I’m travelling during the upcoming holidays for about 2 weeks. I’ll be away from any sort of training setup with a power meter, but will have access to traditional spin bikes used at gyms.

Is there any recommendation around how to keep up with training with a spin bike + heart rate monitor?


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If you know roughly your max heart rate, do some sweetspot intervals, (anything from 5mins to 20 mins) between 75-85% of your max heart rate.
For example the Antelope workout does I think 5 intervals x 10 mins at sweetspot.


Thanks @Skulbow - good call. I should actually take a look at my hr during some prior sweet spot workouts and get a dialed in range.

Appreciate the help!

Use a combination of HR and RPE. Also, I would stick with workouts that you know how they should feel and nothing too complicated like over/unders, 30 secs on/off or above threshold work. Longer intervals (10+ mins) that you know where your HR should be based on previous rides. You won’t nail the workout as if you had a power meter but you should be close enough to get in a good workout.

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