Training Plan - Not Double Days 😂🔥🔥

Hi Everyone

Quick question

I’m away on a family trip over Easter weekend, so off the bike for 4 days. Yesterday I managed to do a double day session on the bike which I managed and has now got me thinking should this be a regular thing?? hard days hard, easy days easy etc.

I did Tioga (threshold) 1h 30 mins, quick 10min break/fuel and into 1h Tallic (sweetspot)

FTP - 322 watts

I felt pretty good during my 2h 30m session, started hurting during last 30mins but got throught it, hasn’t put me off. 1 more recovery session then 4 days off.

Just wanted to know your thoughts :thinking:


From what I understand there isn’t anything wrong with double days - but you might find it’s better to do a session in the morning and the second session later, in the afternoon or evening.

Are 2 shorter rides better for fitness than 1 longer ride? | GCN (


Absolutely nothing wrong with a double day - in fact it’s a great way to increase stimulus and add volume.

A 10 min break between 2 rides though is not what I would consider a “double day”, but rather a single long ride - you just happened to swap “workout”

That being said it’s again good stimulus and will of push your endurance capacity. Adding endurance/z2 onto your existing workouts on a daily basis gradually is a good strategy for increasing volume.

Key here is to increase load with caution. Don’t suddenly add 1hr to every ride…start with 30mins a few times and week and build from there. Might be “easy” but it’s still work


Link from different topic:

There is interesting strategy for carbohydrate timing and training regimen:

I.e. pair hard evenings / easy mornings

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I do double days most week days, comes from a history of commuting but I’ve kept it up whilst training indoors. As other posters have mentioned above, what works for me is to do the harder session in the morning and then something between 40 and 90 mins easy Z2 in the early evening

Just add the extra volume slowly to ensure you can recovery from the additional work :+1:


Bear in mind recovery and overall work load, a gap of at least four hours up to eight imo. Otherwise do a longer workout as it’ll make more sense stimulus and for adaptive training.


I’ve thought about doing this but doing something closer to 30 minutes in the evening. I’m guessing there’s really no lower limit and it all adds volume so as long as you can recover more is more.


Triathletes do this all the time.

I’d be careful about doing intensity in the same sport multiple times a day. Totally doable however can definitely fatigue you quickly. You were super fresh for this workout which helps.


I’m not really sure this is a double day, it’s more like a longer day split. If worked for you, keep going!

Doubles being 1 early in the morning and 1 late afternoon are great. Did a few (a lot!?) during the hard of the winter. Usually, a 45m short sweat spot first, fasting, then the scheduled workout later. Quite nice.


Excellent point, to which I’d add:

This is great. Will it still be great six weeks later when both workouts have been progressed to be more challenging?

I do “bonus endurance miles” after almost all workouts (and Zwift races) for extra volume and to get full value out of the time I have that day, but I’m definitely not pushing too hard while getting that extra mileage in. Anything btwn 1hr and 2hr at 65%ish, depending on how I feel. I might ramp it up a bit for the last little bit if the next day is off or recovery.


I definitely wouldn’t label it a double day. It’s just 2 workouts separated by a somewhat longer break. If I have a 5 hour ride I likely end up with a 10 minute break using the rest room, refilling my bottles, and eating a snack.

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5 hours indoor is not even in my plans, my limit is 3 with 1 break each 1 hour. Usually, these 3-hour rides are the BMTR flat on Saturday morning. So each 1 hour I use a coffee stop (3 min) to have a mental/physical break.


Ha! I’m not doing 5 hour indoor rides. I’m referring to 5 hour outdoor rides

I have in a scenario where I was training for a long race and had awful weather but needed to get a ride in.


how, that’s tough as well.

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Typo. I meant “to 5 hour rides” not “2 5 hour rides”

I did have a 10 hour outdoor ride training for unbound last year.

And a few years back training for unbound where weekend weather was downpours and lightning I had to do 6 hour indoor rides inside on Saturday. But my coach set it up as every hour take a 10 minute break. I think it was all just zone 2 but inside that long is mentally draining.

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Agree its not a double day… what about a 5hr ride with a 15 minute coffee stop? Thats not a double day… the example given is just a long ride (with short break.)

Proper double days, with recovery and a lot of refueling over hours can be very, very constructive imo.


Double days can be great. I’d say you wanna split them up by a couple hours at least. I did doubles a bunch when I swam in college and then again when I started triathlon. You wouldn’t want to do doubles of two truly intense workouts on the same day (i.e. 2 VO2s or a VO2 and threshold/SS). Not sure if you’re a morning/evening person but you wanna schedule the one “quality/intensity/etc” session at the time that works best for you then add an easier ride on the other side of the day.

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Welcome to the TR community! :smiley:

As others have said, nothing wrong with double days!

I might suggest keeping one session “hard”/structured and the other one “easy”/unstructured, though. Stacking a Threshold and Sweet Spot workout together in one day could really get tough in the long run!

I also love the advice @ojtCycling gave you – adding Z2/Endurance to your rides/schedule can be a great way to increase volume. Just make sure to ease into it rather than making a big jump suddenly. Increasing your volume/training stress too quickly might lead to burnout down the line.


Thanks for all replys…I understand what your saying about a double day’s…I didn’t mean to offend anyone by not using the term correctly.

Also I should have mentioned I am not looking to add anymore TSS to my weekly schedule ATM, I just wanted to know other opinions about doing 2 intervals sessions on a hard day then having the extra rest day, as I understand majority are saying do session in am then if feeling fruity, session in pm :wink:

Thanks again

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I think you should just follow your training plan and progression. If your training plan isn’t hard enough then adjust it.

I don’t think occasional crash training is going to move the needle for you.