Double Workout Days

What does the TR bible say about doing two workouts on the same day?

Is it the same principle as during a strength training phase, AM weights + PM bike; hard days hard, easy days easy, kind of thing…or are double bike workouts a different creature altogether?

Is there an advisable ‘block’ duration. e.g. do 1/week for unlimited weeks; do 3/week for 2 weeks, etc.? Could you essentially do a week of training in three days?

How would the TSS for double workout days differ from doing two single workout days, e.g. 1x220 TSS vs 2x110 TSS?

Appreciate any literature, links, podcasts, resources, etc.
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I’ve been toying with this idea since coming back to structured training in the last few months. I live in an apartment and often have days off in the week. I would annoy my neighbour below less if I were to do two workouts on those days. I can do one at 8:30am when he’s left and then one before 5:45pm when he gets home.

I am a retail manager who works an 65 minutes away from home and often have long days so don’t want to risk a 5am bike because of the vibrations he might hear/feel. Even weekends (when I have them off) at 9am feel a bit too early to be disturbing the peace.

I’m going to give this a try as I could move from a low volume to mid-volume triathlon plan following this method.

Anybody else doing this?

After being sick, equipment issues, life, and not training for the better part of 2 weeks, I’m having to think of ways to adjust my overall plan in order to regain and catch up my fitness.

Cramming 2 regular workouts into a single day seems like paving a very short road to disaster.

After reading the blogposts above, I’m moving closer to the idea of doing double/fasted days 3x/week (Thr/Sat/Sun) during my upcoming Build plan.

I’ll also have 2 weeks off from work at the end of December where I might do a block of double/fasted workouts every day.

As Coach Chad pointedly highlights in the blogposts, the extra ride MUST be both SHORT & EASY!

One thing the blog doesn’t state is how long you can/should sustain a 2/day phase. I think if you have the available time (and that time is relatively stress free), it can work.

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Wow. You are a really good neighbor – good for you! I had an upstairs neighbor years ago who used a treadmill…which is much more disruptive than the noise of a trainer.

Civility and considerate-ness are not dead! :+1:

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Some of the training plans specifically advise that you can double up if it suits you.

One of the things not mentioned in the link is the benefits of frequent training, or rather the drawback of having bigger gaps between ride days. If I’m understanding the OP you’re doubling up so there are more no-ride days.

Cross training is another option, perhaps?

I’m thinking about double days. My life has changed. We moved and my wife has a new job where I can no longer get outside for a ride almost every day. Of course, my 9 year old kid is chaining me to the house due to that thing called Covid-19 and virtual school.

I’m thinking of an extra 30-60 minutes first thing in the morning of low intensity work and then doing whatever real training session I have in the afternoon. This will keep my volume up by adding on 3-5 hours per week. I’ll get outside on the weekend for a long ride and maybe one other late afternoon ride during the week. Otherwise most of it will be trainer time.

Anyone doing similar?

Super good question for the podcast, I don’t think it’s been covered yet! You can submit by clicking the ‘Ask A Question’ button on the podcast page, I think a lot of our athletes could benefit from hearing about this more in-depth!

Structured properly, you can sustain it for a long time. Triathletes do 2 workouts a day almost by default throughout their entire season.

I would recommend the second workout of the day be a Z2 workout (similar to Petit, for example) but you can absolutely sustain 2x / day for an extended period of time.

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Agree here. If I was doing a second workout in a day I would make it aerobic/zone 2 and just use it to build some extra capacity. I doubt you would last long doing two interval workouts per day. I trained for Ironman for a few years and double days are almost every day, but in general there was always a balance between harder and easier sessions.

The duration for 2x a day is a similar question to should I do a HV or MV plan?

That is: if you are handling 2x, seeing gains and have the time, why would you stop?

Hey guys, donutman’s post was from 2018. Lol. I revived the topic rather than starting another.

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