Double day (Indoor training + outdoor riding)

Anyone have any experience on training in the morning and then doing a ride outside in the evening?

Sometimes I finish work early and I have more time to train but I already my workout in the morning. I want to add more volume but I’m worried if this is okay to do occasionally?

I’d make that evening ride recovery or at most endurance zone. There’s no problem adding an additional ride as long as it doesn’t leave you too fatigued for your next quality workout. So, add these additional rides in judiciously and see how you body is able to handle it.


I do this often, very often. Most bike commuters (I was one for many years) do this, so I guess “it is o.k” :slight_smile:

For me actual implementation depends on time of year. There is a time for hitting it hard twice a day, and there is a time for just riding easy.

I have done it several times, just keep your second session chill. - james

I love double days - you don’t want to try and do too many but you can do a Z2 as your 2nd ride. Closer to events I have done doubles, as both efforts to really sharpen myself up.

This is probably a situation where it’s worth tracking tss and making sure you don’t add too much, too quickly.

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