Training plan interrupted by to recreate mid-plan?

I had an injury that required me to scale back my rides to just recovery level efforts for 2 1/2 weeks. I was just entering the speciality phase when the injury occurred.

I can now ramp up to a normal routine. I’m exploring my options to rebuild a training plan. I’d like to use the “Plan Builder” because it takes into account any events or races that I enter in and it adjusts workouts accordingly. However, I do not feel I need to start all the way back to the “base phase.” I’d rather start at the beginning of the “build phase.” Is there a way to use the “Plan Builder” and eliminate the base phase? Do I just need to create it, but then delete those workouts? An alternative I tried was to create a plan using the “Build Phase” and then to add on the “Speciality Phase,” but when I do that, it doesn’t seem like I can add events/races and that the plan will adjust for those. Any advice here? Thank you!