Training plan for somebody commuting and riding outside

New to TrainerRoad, I’m not sure how I should setup my first training plan, which should complement:
Commuting 4 days to work, hilly, easy pace, 120km in total.
Mountain biking in winter, road cycling starting late spring, heavily depending on the weather here in Switzerland.
Doing intervals is impossible due to the traffic situation here, and the hills.
What I would like is to get suggestions for indoor intervals, adopted from hart rate and power data from all of my bikes, taking the total load into consideration.

How should I setup my first training plan? Pure indoor, and let the adoption do the work?
Or did I misunderstand something fundamental?


I don’t think it’ll matter too much what plan you opt for in your case, just getting on a plan and working out will boost you. I’m on a TT plan which seems to be working for my commute but its only 1 day a week and 500ft in 11mile one way. It also seems to have got me in a good shape for outside group rides. Follow the plan builder steps and just pick a notional date for your ‘A’ race (not that you’ll be racing it) towards the end of the year when it asks you. Down the line feel free to tweak it.

Plan Builder Overview – TrainerRoad

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For what it’s worth I commute on a single speed set up to 44:20. I basically never leave zone 1/low zone 2 and don’t find it makes any difference how much I get around on my commuter week to week. Sometimes I eat a little more.

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