Plan that fits commute training

So, looking at this from the angle of what suits me rather than what suits the race.

I’ve been training indoors for seven years, loved it. Decided to change to outdoors, and with my local terrain the long sweet spot, tempo, threshold workouts are awkward.

There’s one road within a twenty minute ride I can do 10-12min sweet spot interval on and I hate it. I will never do this road every week, let alone twice a week. I don’t have time to drive somewhere to ride a bike, I ride from the front door.

Consistency > Specificity

Training success and consistency is dependant on minimising the hurdles, so I’m looking for a plan that has;

2x 45-60 mins sprint sessions (commute)
2x 60-75 mins endurance or recovery (commute)
1x 3-4hr endurance (weekend/club ride)
1x 45mins short vo2

Plan builder is giving me workouts I can only do indoors; general build, tri build and tri speciality.

The best fit I think is time crunched 45mins…seems weird for 8-10hrs cycling a week.

I would use train now for the sprint commutes, then just change it to an outside workout and you’re set.

For the endurance rides, just ride your bike with a “max power” in mind that you don’t go over. No need to pick out a workout for that.

Also, I doubt that weekend club ride is an endurance ride. Just ride it and let RLGL do its magic.


I like @Chewie’s suggestion to use TrainNow for sprint workouts. I also think they’re probably correct that the weekend/club ride you’ve got listed there isn’t strictly Zone 2… unless you’re riding with some really disciplined folks! :wink:

If the club ride is harder than Zone 2 pace, you may only need one sprint session instead of 2. That’d give you 3 days of intensity each week – 1 sprint workout, 1 VO2 workout, and the club ride.

The rest of the week you could fill in with Zone 1/2 riding.

Time Crunch 45 might be a funny name considering you’re looking to ride 8-10 hours per week, but if that’s the best fit, I don’t see why you shouldn’t follow it! You could also adjust your plan’s custom workout duration if that would be helpful to get you closer to those 8-10 hours per week you’re aiming for.

Hope that helps – feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions!


One of the big things that Plan Builder doesn’t do is 2-a-day… which is a pain for combining commuting and training because you’ve got to get home! (couple of comments about this below *)

I only train outdoors. Partly because I don’t have a decent trainer, partly because I live in a place with a great climate (sorry), and I have a 21km commute on mostly good paths and quiet roads (sorry). What works for me is intervals in the morning then Zone 2 on the way home.

I knowingly accept that the morning intervals are compromised by traffic, junctions, roadworks, but also hope that I win a bit of outdoor riding specificity. But on the odd occasion that I train indoors I’m always a bit taken aback at the physical difference.

If you don’t have a good outdoor route for the longer or more intense sessions, then why go 100% outdoor? If you plan to do a few key sessions on the trainer then you’ll have more effective training and commuting can be bonus Z2. It feels a bit daft doing an indoor trainer ride then getting in the car, but it does mean you can really do quality training.

(* So what I’m doing is letting PlanBuilder give me 2 bike workouts a week (Masters Olympic Tri plan). I’ve put these on Monday and Weds, they’re usually 1hr which matches my commute. I change each one to outdoor and set the workout time to 8h. Then I add a 1h15 Endurance or Recovery ride for 18h. I do this in advance - I’ve stopped using TrainNow for this as the suggestions are always the same, I don’t think it really takes into account the morning workout and I always just want to have a visible power limit on the Garmin so I really do stick to Z2 on the way home. I’ll choose Recovery to have something easier on days with a VO2 or threshold workout in the morning. If I’m feeling up to it I’ll add Endurance rides for extra commuting on Friday
If I don’t set workout times then my Garmin will keep proposing the morning workout and I end up having to delete it.)

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How have I got 2-a-day then for the last six months?

I’m not sure it copes/understands them but they are scheduled through PB.

They seem to not show for in the plan, but come through on my garmin. fwiw I schedule my endurance days for commutes.

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Sorry, should have been clearer - I meant that PB doesn’t seem to have any built-in functionality for commuting, where I always want to schedule one hard and one recovery ride on commuting days. I guess you can stack rides into days when setting up training days in the early stages of PB, but that’s moving around the prescribed sessions, and not adding endurance/recovery rides.


I’m leaning towards low volume plans plus commutes using the bigger plan ride as an alternate to a weekend ride.

LV general build and short power build, or MV olympic seem to have the right high intensity workouts.

I suspect that means one indoor ride a week, optional for a second. I could do the shorter vo2 in commute time, over three minutes is a struggle so I’d need to find a hill big enough and do repeats.


For most people, two-a-days aren’t necessary to get faster. But I understand from a pratical perspective where this might have a place! With that said, Adaptive Training will still take into account any additional work you do beyond your scheduled workout.

If someone was beginning to incoporate two-a -days for practical reasons, I would suggest doing exactly what you are doing and make one of those a structured Workout and the other an easy endurance ride! :raised_hands:

This also seems like an effecive alternative option to ensure maximum quality, but as you mentioned already, consistency trumps a perfect plan that you don’t adhere to!

Sounds like you have made a plan that works for you though, @JoeX! Hope it all goes well!