5 months to next "A Event"... plan builder?

So firstly… I think I’m nearly recovered from my major injury a couple of years back (shattered hip socket, had to have it bolted back together), and a bad bout of COVID19 about 14 months ago. Just did my target event (~360km mixed surface over two days) and found it much more comfortable than I expected it to be. It’s not been an easy ride, especially not mentally, but I kept getting back on the horse and I think I’m maybe within 15% of where I was at my previous peak fitness… which I’m hoping I can get back over the next year.

With that said, my next two major events are planned for October (B, 200km off road) and November (A, Austin Rattler, Leadville qualifier in Texas). Should I just go with plan builder for those? I don’t really want to do much base training as it’s where I’ve retained basically all of my fitness anyway (I can happily cycle for 12+ hours non stop), but I’ve definitely still down a ton on my higher end power (5 / 20 minute lacking badly).

Any suggestions appreciated.

I would do planbuilder, which will start you with more base. But that far out, I wouldn’t worry about that. The high end will come during build…
Another option would be to go with train now for a month or so picking the the “climbing” and “atacking” options for a few weeks, then do a recovery or full rest week before following a plan builder plan.
That way you get those higher end workouts for a bit, but you’ll probably loose some of that during base in plan builder anyway…

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Cheers. I should probably have also noted that between now and my A / B events I have a few meaty offroad bikepacking events, though technically social rides… they’re quite difficult.

Realistically going to be upwards of 14 hours riding a day over two days.

I don’t think anything will prepare you for your ‘B’ event :wink:

I’d have a play around with Plan Builder to see if you can create a plan that’s more build/speciality rather than base. I’d stick your other events in as ‘C’ or even ‘B’

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