Training plan for MTB without any racing

How do you construct training plans for general MTB fitness without any racing? Is one specialty recommended over another?

I recently found trainer road this fall after breaking my arm and buying a smart trainer to keep in shape while I couldn’t ride. To my surprise I actually liked it and have continued with it after recovering. I’ve made some really nice gains in ftp and I’d like to keep it up. I hated trainers 20 years ago when I raced road and cyclocross.

I picked enduro as the specialty when using plan builder but I’m in Austin area and don’t race. Enduro seemed like a reasonable idea to me based on the short punchy nature of riding in the area while also maintaining endurance for long days in the saddle.

I’m wondering if there’s any consensus on the best plan for building general fitness. Is the specialty phase even needed?

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Specialty phase is not “needed” but you will learn things about yourself by going through all 3 phases. If I were you I would setup a few measurable, time-limited goals for myself so that it is easier to plan.

Sweet Spot Base - General Build - Cross County Olympic or Marathon. If you don’t want/need to do the Specialty phase just repeat base and build.