Long term training plan for well rounded fitness?

Hello there. Amateur racer from Honduras, used to follow basic training principles from Friel, and now Trainerroad user for a couple years, with mixed success due to discipline, resting and nutrition. I’m a recovering racer, so to speak, due to health and stress problems but I’m ready to build my self back up and would like a bit of guidance on how to start.
Long story short. Starting from a very low point but still retaining some leftover fitness (I tried LV SSB for a couple weeks and felt just right), I want to take the most versatile and well rounded approach to training for a mix of XCO racing, XCM racing, and Road racing and TTs. Probably leaning more towards the MTB side.
It’s a very wide range so it’s probably not worth fussing about, and I don’t even have any A events planned, but I want to build a solid and versatile engine that isn’t overly specialized to one thing and allows me to reasonably well in each of those areas.
I have a history of not resting well, over stressing and under fueling so I will surely start on Low Volume plans and figure myself out carefully. Since I’m not really training for an event a the moment, can I do multiple base/build phases? Or should I always do the whole base/build/spec cycle and then start again?
Also, which discipline covers the widest range of stimulus that could help me towards my goals? XCO is too explosive and short, but Climbing Road race is probably too sustained. How about rolling road races? Perhaps XC Marathon? Does it only matter if I do the whole plan or does it retain its nature if I customize some of the phases?
As far as build goes, I’m thinking that General Build sounds logical, perhaps do that a couple times and then maybe try the Short or Sustained power once I decide which direction to take.

I also commute for 30 minutes 4 days a week, which in the past I used as recovery rides and would like to do it again. And I also have the option of riding on the weekends, perhaps a long ride on the road bike or go hit the trails on the mtb. It’s pretty flexible as far as options go.

Thanks in advance, sorry if this sort of question gets asked a lot but it’s very easy to over analyze and end up with too much information while the answers might actually be fairly simple.

You’re not training for anything in particular, so choose the plans that look the most interesting. Going through Base-Build-Specialty could keep things fresh and new for you, but there’s no issue with skipping Specialty. It may help to set a goal/ride to have something to train towards. Even if it’s just a local ride/trail or something new you haven’t ridden. I’ve always found it more motivating to work towards something rather than just general fitness.


Yeah, I didn’t seem that simple when I wrote it but now it does :laughing: Thank you!

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