Training plan for CyClassics 2020 - recommendations?

Looking for some advice…
Just signed up for CyClassics 2020 -
Did it this year and loved it, managed to achieve average speed of 39.15 km/h.
This year I will be targeting average of 41 km/h, so not very dramatic improvement, yet important one for me.
The chosen course is about 60 km, so about 1:20 hours and is predominantly flat, with couple of short climbs, peaking at 6-7% and short enough to power them through on a big ring (52-25 tooth).
The event is about 37 weeks from now, on 16-Aug-2020.
I like the “Mid Volume”, but towards the event can switch to “High volume” if needed.
What would be your best suggestion for training plan in between now and the event date and more importantly - and here I really need some guidance - should I select Specialty as Criterium or Rolling Road Race, given the total time of the race and the all in all 2 hills on the course?
Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks in advance!
Best regards, Alex (sorry, no clue how to change my name in the forum - pretty new around here)…

For the extra time, this is useful.

For plan selection, think about how you want to ride it and the efforts you plan to use. Match the Build and Specialty to that and you will be fine.

Take a look in the “Road Training” section.

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