New to structured training, advice for 2020

Hi all, first post and new to structured training. Would appreciate advice on what plan to follow. (Planning on low volume have 6-7 hours a week to train, current watt/kg 3.5)

Going on 4th season of cycling, 38 years old, with a 18m old baby. I really enjoy group rides when the weather is warm. The local ride averages 23-25mph for roughly 25 miles after an hour of mellow warm up. Mostly flat with some rolling hills, climbs under 2 min. I struggle on long flat roads when the pace picks up, if there are any gaps formed I am in trouble! I race mtb in the fall, but main focus is the road.

Thanks in advance!

See if one of these parallels your goals.

Or use the new Plan Builder (with that info above for reference) and setup a plan.


Great thank you Chad.

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