Training for Trois Ballons 5-6-2021 after cancelled everyting in 2020

I have been training for 2 years with a online trainingsprogramma in the netherlands what made me a faster cyclist but i’ve reached a plateau and didn’t get any further. I am 57 years old 76 kg and have a FTP around 300.I am racing in the winter on the Dutch beaches witch is great fun and a little safer dan racing criteriums with a great risk of crashes. In the summeri like to ride long fondo’s like the marmotte or the Maratona des Dolomites
This year i trained for Paris-Roubaix in april 2020 but beacause of the corona it was cancelled so i found another goal in november 2020 on the dutch beach 134 km from hoek van Holland to Den Helder only on the beach (always wind and difficult sandy underground) but it was cancelled again because of covid.
I’ve been using trainerroad since august 2020 with a specialty plan road for 8 weeks an now i started again a specialty plan criterium both high volume but now all my goals are cancelled i have to start over again.
My question is now should i stop the criterium specialty program and start with a base phase then a build phase and end with a specialty phase to work towards 5-6-2021?
Best regards Patrick