Training on rotating schedules

I work rotating shift schedule (nights one week days the next) 12 hours (with drive time 14-15 hours) how do I adapt a plan that has set days for set work when my schedule is always shifting?

@Kenneth_Walter, I too work 12hr shifts with a pattern of 2 weeks days then 2 weeks nights.
I have scheduled my last 3 months of TR training by utilizing the calendar effectively. I have scheduled a training plan onto my set days that are off, then I have to juggle one workout that falls on my working day, I move that one around to suit either the energy i have before or after work(I haven’t missed a session yet) or move it to another day. Now don’t get me wrong if Ur planning on doing a Plan that is not Low Volume then this will be hard to fit around your work commitments. However if you manage it like myself using LV then just add another workout day when its available to increase Ur stress score or on the days that u have scheduled workout then increase the variation of that workout to further increase ur stress. hope this helps

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