Training Schedule Change

Looking for some advice after a new job schedule.

Going from being home every day to working a 4on / 4off shift pattern. It’ll be ≈14 hour days so no room to get any training in while I’m away at work.

At the momentI’ve been on LV with 2 strength sessions that looks like this:

Mon - Rest
Tues - TR Workout
Wed - Strength
Thurs - TR Workout
Fri - Strength
Sat - TR Workout
Sun - Zwift Crit Race - short foam roll session later in the day.

Great success with this as my FTP is up 25W and overall strength feels great.

I’m looking to at least maintain my fitness but not sure the best way to proceed. I was thinking:

Day 1: TR workout
Day 2: TR workout
Day 3 Strength
Day 4: TR workout

I’m worried this might be too much.

Any experience would be helpful