Training not recommended?

I was just added to the adaptive training :grinning: and I understand what this type of training is, I started looking at my training, for tomorrow’s workout I am seeing a “not recommended “ but not seeing a recommended training? I have a workout today, will I see an updated training for my tomorrow’s not recommended training after this training how far in advance will it show my trainings?

How were the workouts that are currently on your calendar added? If they arent part of a plan built with Plan Builder then they wont be subject to any adaptations. Manually selecting a TR plan from the Base/Build/Specialty plans doesnt allow for adaptations to be made. So it might well be that the workout that is on your plan is outside the current levels and marked as Not Recommended and will not adapt to an appropriate level.

The workout came from plan builder(base) but the other question is, if it is not recommended then why doesn’t it suggest a workout for me? Isn’t that the idea of this system?

If it came from a plan builder plan then I would definitely contact support as that appears to be a bug.

If you’ve done similar and are sure you can complete it, you can also ignore it - this will ‘teach’ AT that you are capable and bump up your levels/recommendations accordlngly.

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This I don’t really understand. Was recently added to AT as well, and my Plan is getting updated?

Unless there’s been a change its only the plans which plan builder insert that works, so maybe there’s been a change.

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There are two ways to add plans to your calendar. One is manually creating a plan by adding a base, build and specialty to the calendar yourself. The other is by using Plan Builder which will creat a base, build and specialty plan to bring you to your A event.

Only the latter will make workouts eligible for adaptations. Sounds to me that you used plan builder to make that base/build/specialty plan on your calendar as the workouts would not be adapting otherwise.

It sounds to me like OP added the plan manually or moved workouts around and popped them out of plan builder so they won’t adapt. AT won’t suggest recommended workouts but rather will simply change them to fit the user’s Progression Levels. OP should either use the Alternates feature to pick something in their PL range or build a plan with Plan Builder to get adaptations without manual adjustment requirements.


Can confirm that if you have the ‘‘full, automatic Plan Builder plan’’ the (proposed) workouts will be adjusted according to the feedback you provided on the last training.

Example: I was sick for a week, then travelled for work, then did a Sprint training yesterday and let me tell you it didn’t go great. Then AT proposed the next workout to be of a lower progress level.

I think this might be a bug? I’m on AT and haven’t manually amended anything. Today’s workout (Baird +2) was ‘not recommended’. Tried refreshing several times to see if it would adapt but it didn’t. Either way I still did it and successfully completed, hence saw a big jump in VO2 progression level.

I am seeing something similar in my plan which used the full plan builder. Many weeks off yet, so no real concern. In my case, I think it may be because AT lacks enough data for that particular category of workout (tempo). It Probably is not even a hard workout — the system has me at 1.1 progression level for tempo. Have only done z2 since starting AT, as I am doing traditional base before starting the full plan from builder.