Not Recommended in my plan

Hi all, Have a question about adaptive training. My ride later in the week is flagged as "not Reccomended "

Should substitute this? or just doit as it is part of the plan.

My bigget progressions in the software have come on the not Reccomended days.

How important is the achievable/breakthrough/not Reccomended etc tags on the workouts?


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First things first, are you on a plan that you just selected yourself or did you use plan builder? That’s important to know because currently adaptive training works only when you use plan builder.


I have this on plan builder. It has "adapted’ several times previous to this.

I am in the speciality phase 2 weeks out from my event.

I just thought if it was not Reccomended it would have suggested an adaptation, especially this close as I ma in the taper. Higher intensity but shorter workouts.


Hi bennyd1234567

Did you ever get an answer to your query? I today also had a “not recommended” session which I didnt do on my adaptive training plan. The session has passed now but if I get another I wonder if I should do it. Maybe its just a case of how you are feeling on the day.

No mate no answer yet, unless I missed it.