Training harder with just 4 weekly days of training

Hi there,
First a tiny bit of background, then my question :wink:

As an age-group triathlete i used to (try) to cramp 5 or even 6 training days into every week.
In the end it made me stressed and often the quality of each session was lower than i wanted it to be.

So about half a year ago i decided to start from scratch by doing just 4 days of training per week, but then make every day count by doing brick workouts.

Day 1 & day 3: Swim + run
Day 2 & day 4: Bike + gym

So i started doing the “Olympic distance, low volume” programs.

It has worked like a charm and i have decided to continue down that path.

But i also feel that i am ready to put in some more training than before, but still within just 4 days a week, with two of them being bike rides.

This means that i can not move on to the “mid volume” training programs, since they will schedule 3 rides a week.

So i was thinking to stick with the “low volume” program but then choose harder versions of the ride that is planned for me, and when running doing 12 intervals if the program says 10, as an example.

Is that a viable workaround/ solution or are there better ways to do this?

Thank you
Bo Thygesen

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