(Re)balancing Triathlon training programs

I have been using TrainerRoad low and mid volume half Ironman triathlon plans for two years.
As an masters (60+) athlete I find my performance in each of the discipline varies.
My swim training and times have been good, even though only do 2 swim sessions a week.
The bike leg has always been fast for my age group but my running seems to have slowed down over the years.

For next year, I am considering adjusting the plans slightly to focus more on running and keep only 2 swim sessions a week. How could I adjust the plans? Start with low volume and add runs? Hire a local running coach?

Can you add a single extra run per week? That might be enough.

I tried to add 2-3 per week runs to the Olympic plan and it was too much for my legs. I got to where 1x a week was too much w the rest of life’s stress.

Do you know tri coaches? See if one would take you for only the run. I know a couple that is willing to do such a thing. The reason I mentioned a tri coach is a pure running coach may not understand the stress of the other disciplines.

In my opinion and like most things it’ll depend on where your running is at now, how much volume and intensity you can handle.

A good rule of thumb is to increase run frequency, volume slowly and that still plays here - so add ten minute aerobic runs off the bike, add twenty aerobic minute runs to your non-run days, build this up so your weekly run volume is steadily increasing beyond your previous levels. It doesn’t sound much, but adding two each of these is already an extra hour a week running.

I’m a fan of swim as injury free aerobic/endurance training, I encourage you to reconsider, but if not with only two sessions a week you shouldn’t need to do much change to the bike plan to incorporate more run. If it getting too much to handle I would favour dropping the high intensity bike sessions as you are focussed on run improvement first and foremost, and burning your legs out will impact your run volume.