Can only train 4 days straight then 3 days off!


Due to family and work commitments can only train 4 days on and 3 days off I was thinking of doing a low volume 3 sessions a week plan and dropping a temp session in-between giving me 4 days straight ?

I actually have to do this most every week due to consistent work travel. While things will vary based on my ability to ride outside…this is something I’ve found works for me:

Day 1: A HARD Vo2 workout
Day 2: Sweet Spot
Day 3: Endurance ride, or nothing
Day 4: Huffaker (I mention this Vo2 workout in particular, because it is the only Vo2 workout I can complete while carrying a decent amount of fatigue. It’s manageable, but it’s still crushing in the way all Vo2 is.

Good luck.

I would go for the Low Volume plan and move the 3rd workout in 1 day. This would give you a format of:

Mon: Rest
Tue: High Intensity
Wed: Rest:
Thu: High Intesity
Fri: Aerobic Endurance
Sat: Rest
Sun: Rest

As an example, the Low Volume General Build plan would go into your calendar like this:

If, after a while you felt you could manage more, you could switch the middle rest day for a short endurance ride (eg. Pettit) for some extra TSS without the intensity.

You could follow this pattern right through Base, Build and Specialty.


I think the FasCat coach has a plan like this, a weekly descending intensity block, so it’s definitely something being used out there.

edit: here’s the FasCat summary – FATIGUE DEPENDENT TRAINING PLAN DESIGN

(sorry if it’s bad form to link other coaching sites!)

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When I have to travel for work and have multiple days off the bike, I’ll usually schedule the most intense workout right before I leave, even if it’s after a longer sweetspot session. This usually means I get a bit of progressive overreach right before a couple of days off.

But I tend to be better with some stress in my legs and don’t like to do intense workouts after rest days, so YMMV.

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