Help me peak for Le Etape Du Tour

Hi fellow cyclists,

After succesfully conquering Maratona dles Dolomites in 2021 my A even for next season is Le Etape Du Tour with 170km and 4700vm on Jul 10th 2022.

For Maratona I pretty much followed plan biilders suggestions gor a 28 week training. I felt quite fatiqued during specialty and only peaked 3-4 weeks after Maratona. I was successfully able to maintain my peak form for couple of weeks then.

Any similar experience with peaking only after training plan is done? I have an option to join a bunch of openers in June, what do you thing about finishing plan end May already and then racing for couple of weeks + taper?

Actually, it would be quite interesting to see how your specialty period would change due to Adaptive Training. I would rather try and replace some Sunday workouts with longer Z2 rides and choose shorter Alternates for some of the other workouts if the training load is too high. Maybe change volume, too?

Finishing the plan in May sounds like a gamble to me.