Training for the 2022 Cycle Oregon Classic

I’m training for the 2022 Cycle Oregon Classic (Not a race for most of the 1000+ participants). There wasn’t an ideal event category choice for an event in TR, so I categorized it as a 7 day stage race and hope that works. The variability in event mileage and elevation is due to optional gravel sections each day. I intend to do all of the extra bits. Trainer Road really helped the last time I trained for this event in 2018. Anyone else here doing the Classic this year?

2022 Cycle Oregon Classic

  • Date: September 10-17
  • Mileage: 272-443 miles
  • Climbing: 15,282-35,245 feet

That looks cool, I’ll think about it at least. I was driving through that area last summer and thinking that it’d be a nice place to ride, albeit logistically challenging.

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@ScottMiller same here! I believe I also set my training for a 7 day stage race. Any hot tips or things that the website or blogs wont tell ya? I saw that in 2019 you had to pay for coffee (what??!!) lol

The latte stand and the whiskey bar charge for beverage. Regular coffee and beer/wine are covered. Sign up early for massages (also costs extra $) as the appointments fill up (Don’t be like me and forget which day your appointment is. Lol) The physical therapy is free during the event!
If you have special dietary needs, they’ll let you keep some food in the refrigerator truck. There’s hot showers each evening!

oh good to know about the black coffee, that’s my go to (more than water, working on that?) hahaha. I’m super stoked for the event. Thanks for all the inside info!

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Enjoy, I rode through that area last summer on my cross country trip. Lots of climbing. Hopefully not as hot as I experienced.

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