Advice on how to set-up TrainerRoad to prepare for my first MTB stage race (BC Bike Race)

Hello TR Crew,

Looking for advice (and not comment bickering battles please) on how to configure my training in side of TR to best help prep during the snow months for the BC Bike Race (7 stage MTB race).

I am 44 yr old who identifies as a “fast old guy who looks way younger and used to race and got back in to it and is surprisingly strong even when compared to the young guys especially in the technical stuff when the single track gets crazy absolutely gnarly”

Rider profile:
Have used TR for past 2 years. Was very devoted and prepared well for last 2 season. Winter 2022 became complete convert. Logged 8+ months of race prep with medium volume plans. Went from an FTP of 215ish at very start of getting back on bike after 15 years from racing, to a race season threshold of ~270s. Race performances were not great because I became too trainer dependant with TR… and my calves couldn’t keep up with my lungs on race day. Bad race performances of completely unable to pedal due to calves cramping on downhills while producing 0 watts… learned to stand way way more on indoor trainer workouts (I’m in Canada so indoor trainer is 95% of saddle time for Jan-April) Not enough race specific prep because I got addicted to the TR numbers. My fault, not TRs as much as I wanted to blame them. 2nd year on TR was winter 2023 and prepped well to a threshold of ~300 and a 4th place in National Championships.

I’ve decided to do the BC Bike race this July. I’ve had a bad December and January of man colds… and now I’m getting fitter doing the normal plan builder medium volume.

How do I adjust or tell TR I need to craft to an A-Event that is a 7-day stage race ?

Thanks, Mike


Where in Canada are you located? Have you ridden on the coast at all before? If you haven’t, I really recommend arranging a trip to pre ride some sections. The trails for BcBr are quite a step up from xc trails in the rest of the country. I speak from experience: I thought I was good at mountain biking, then I moved from Calgary to the sea to sky and was completely humbled by trails!

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I have thought about this for some, but have not actually done a stage race using Trainer Road.
First thing, have you looked through plan builder to see if a stage racing plan is available ? Even if it is for road or gravel you could see the weekly schedule.

If not, what I would do is purchase a training plan for mountain bike stage racing from Training Peaks then use that as a template for how to schedule which type of workouts. You might have to just look through the workouts on TrainerRoad and find one that matches the prescribed intensity as opposed to having trainer road lay it all out for you.

I did a 6 day stage race several years ago and the plan that I used had lots of Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Monday rides to get you used to back to back days.

I would focus a lot on strength and core work a lot as well.

Might be worth a question to the Podcast as I know Jonathon did Singletrack 6 last year.

The Syd and Macky YouTube Channel has an excellent series on last years BC bike race, great to watch on the trainer.

I am no expert in this, just my .02.

Here’s an older thread asking similar questions for BCBR. Maybe take a look around and see what users suggested, or ask your question there too…

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Hey there!

If you go to your TR Calendar, you’ll be able to click on the date your stage race starts, and then add it. “Stage Race” should be at the bottom of the dropdown menu that appears:


From there, you can then select your targeted discipline for the event.

If the stage race falls during your existing Plan Builder plan you have laid out, it should be incorporated automatically! If it doesn’t occur during your existing plan, though, it may be a good idea to delete your current plan and create a new one that extends far enough out to your A race.

It sounds like you have a good idea of how to build your fitness up, which is a great start! If you have the time and ability to do so, it also seems like it would be a good idea to get some off-road/trail practice in so you can make sure your technical skills are dialed in – or, rather, that the muscles you need to use to stabilize yourself off-road/off trainer get used to the work you’re going to be doing as well.

Hope this helps! Feel free to let me know if you have any additional questions. :slight_smile:


Just found this thread and I’m curious on this as well. what did you decide and how well do you feel it matches? Ive done BCBR 2wice, so if you have any specific questions please ask… both times without a “plan”. This year I’m doing SingleTrack6 which is similar but hired a coach.

Ps. Get in the gym and work on your upper body. You;ll thank me. Lots of push/pull roots in bc as well as sustained (out if the saddle) decents. You’re going to love it!!


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