Training for Stage Race + While Off for 2 Months - What plan to choose?

My A goal event for the year is the Breck Epic, a 6 day stage race in the Rocky mountains of Colorado in Mid-August. It includes more than 220 miles of dirt with 40,000 feet of elevation gain (and loss) at high altitude. (I’m currently moving to Breckenridge this January)

I’ve been nursing a nerve impingement and haven’t been doing any riding or strength building the past two months. I’m slowly recovering and still have some to do yet.

I’m beginning to prepare for my training, with one B event that is a 3 day stage race in Mid-March. I’m relatively new to training and biking, but have some experience with general training plans, intervals, etc…

I’m curious what training plan should I start with and how I should best build it? Should I do a training plan just for this event along with other B and C events included, or do a separate plan for each event? Also having to take into consideration my injury and slowly easing back into it.

Thanks for the advice, looking forward to seeing what the community can do to help!

Have you looked at Plan Builder? You can enter your races and it’ll give you a plan.

Thanks, yes I have started using the builder, but before I got to making any selections with my volume and current injury status, I wanted to see what members had to say along with if I should do one plan or two plans for my events coming up.