Training for short interval mtb marathons

I would like to know why the short power build plan does not build ftp with me? I’ve done all 100% workouts. Can he change the extension with a different training plan? why my ftp did not grow despite harder workouts for short power build?

Tuesday, Feb 12, 2019 - 277W - AFTER SHORT POWER BUILD MID FIRST 4 WEEK
Tuesday, Jan 15, 2019 - 279W - AFTER SS BASE MID II
Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018 - 267W - AFTER SS BASE MID I
Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018 - 251W - START TRAINING PLAN

Hey there!

There are a few reasons why you may not have seen an FTP increase following the first portion of Short Power Build:

  1. It is possible that your increased fatigue has caused you to under perform on the Ramp Test. The Build Phase certainly takes a toll on your body, and this can result in less-than-stellar performance when testing your FTP. And that is totally okay! You are not in your peak performance phase right now.
  2. You are using Short Power Build, which is more about improving your VO2 max power and your repeatability. So it is possible that your fitness gains are not being reflected in your FTP value. But keep in mind that FTP is just one metric that defines your fitness. Your fitness is very complex, and can improve in ways that are hard to quantify.

You expressed concern regarding whether or not you are on the correct plan, let me see if I can assess that for you. Can you describe what your event will be? I am unsure what you mean by “short mtb-marathon”. If I can better understand your event, I will be able to give a more useful training recommendation :+1:


I planining to start every weekend in local competitions on a mini distance of about 25-35 km with an average over 500m vertical rise. Routes are usually interval and high speed from the start. In the 2018 season with ftp at the level of 280w with a weight of 65kg I managed to deal with the first 10 open. this year it is targeting the first 5 open. I will add that from November I train for the first time with trainer road. Are you able to advise me on what plans I should use to make my body ready?

For a race like that Short Power Build or General Build could both be good options.

If you are someone who likes to race aggressively and dynamically, then Short Power Build is a great choice.

If you take a morre steady approach, and tend to follow moves rather than animate them, then General Build is a good choice :slight_smile:

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If after the next 4 week short power build will not increase ftp, base the plan on general build? So far so far so far in a relatively short time + 30watts I progressed on the ss base … I would like to add that at the beginning of May I have the start of priority A distance of 40km and 1000m in the vertical. What then should I choose the specialization plan for?

Thanks @Bryce, I’m midway through GBMV coming from Traditional Base MV 1, 2, 3. I was disappointed in my GB week 5 FTP test. Your explanation completely explains my situation and experience :+1:.

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someone help?

Try not to get too hung up on FTP and assess how you’re feeling out on the bike. Like I mentioned, you can get faster without the test directly reflecting in your FTP.

May I ask what volume you are using? If you are using a Low Volume plan, then it is possible that this plan is not a high enough TSS to generate the gains that you are looking for. I would consider increasing volume before I would stress too much on the specific plan being used.

Short power build mid volume 7hrs (400-500tss) as well as previous sweet spot 1 and 2 plans

That should be enough stress, I would just hold the course and check back in 4 weeks. I’ll be happy to advise you on what to do next.

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I am after the vo2max 9x2,5min workout I did not think I would do it. In the past weeks, after a minute I was dying and here I did all the reps yet with the supply. I certainly improved my power to 5 minutes.

ok, so I come back after a month of next training. Today, after the test, I managed to pass from 277w to 292w. In addition, this weekend I was racing for cx average power with 55min exited 288w where with 10min was over 320w. It also seems to be good.
The question now, as I finished short power build mid-vol. What plan should I choose during further preparations for the nearest mtb starts? Next starts in 3 weeks. Thanks for the answer.

Depending on the style of MTB racing, I would choose either the Short Track, XC Olympic, or XC Marathon Specialty Plans :slight_smile:

What is your upcoming schedule like? Are all of the races the same priority? We typically recommend selecting a one or two “A” races, and then focusing your training around those. You will then fit your other “B” priority races in as best you can.

On April 27th, I have a start of the A-type, followed by another start A to the 4-day breakdown on 28-02/07
the rest of starts to every weekly b type starts from March 31.

Yep, then the jumping into the appropriate Specialty Phase is the correct next step :slight_smile:

You’ll want to do Weeks 7-8 of Specialty leading up to your A race becasue these will act as your taper weeks, and will allow you to enter your target events race-ready.

To learn more about how to structure your training between your A races, check out this article:

Best of luck with your season!

Thanks :slight_smile:
can you take a look at the last weeks of speciality before the start of type A? Would you change something or look good?

Looks pretty good to me!

Thank you for your response.
I have the last question after completing the preparation for the type A race, could you give me the names of support training that I have to do during the week between B starts? ideally two or three.

Hey again flyxii!

For maintaining your peak, Week 7 and 8 of Specialty are good choices :slight_smile: These weeks will have the workouts that you need to stay “race-ready” between races.

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