Skipping Build? Bad idea?

I’ve been training with power for a while, albeit only done SSB via TR, and lots of ‘adhoc’ TR workouts.

I’ve come to the realisation that my steady state power and climbing is decent (5w/kg for 20 mins, and 5mins around 5.7w/kg), but what sucks is my short efforts.

Where i’m losing races is where i need to put out big watts for short periods. It’s summer where i live, and finished SSB2 6-8 weeks ago. Since then a lot of my training has been vo2 or over unders or sweet spot which seems similar to build.(on the road)

My thinking is build is really to increase ftp and specialty tends to focus on shorter stuff. Additionally, my race season starts in Feb 19.

Good/Bad idea? I would be doing rolling road race or climbing road race.

I’d do Short Power Build personally.


Hey there!

Build is not neccessarily about building your FTP, it’s about building specificity towards your target event.
If your objective is to build short power, then Short Power Build will help you improve that part of your power curve.

If you are looking to improve your performance in short efforts, Short Power Build is the best possible plan to get you where you want to go.

Specialty, on the other hand, is about refining the fitness you have built through the previous stages of training. If you skip the previous stages, then Specialty can’t serve its intended purpose.

I hope this helps!