General Build vs Short Power Build

I always assumed i’d jump into Short Power Build after finishing SSB2, but now that i look at the plan im not so sure.

I’m very much a sustained kinda guy, climbing is decent, currently around 4.8 W/KG, but my focus isn’t so much on growing my FTP too much (while clearly thats always a bonus), but more around the 1-3min kind of efforts. I also find i recover pretty quickly, so spanish needle, joe deveral etc are all fairly easy for me. I seems that the short power build focuses much more on the 15-30 second surges, which are not really a weakness for me. 1min efforts are what i need to make an attack and not drag a group with me.

Suggestions? seems like the main differences are at the start of the plan where the thurs ride for general build is over unders rather than something like pierce.

i’ll either do Mid or High volume either way.


If workouts like Spanish Needle are too easy than your FTP is too low. Additionally, those workouts aren’t improving your short power, they are challenging your aerobic system because of the short rest periods. Based on wanting more 1-3 minute improvements I’d recommend Short Power Build.

Thanks for for suggestion. Not sure i would say my FTP is wrong as i got totally wrecked in Dade a few days ago, and got destroyed.

In short power build i can’t see any more 1-3 min stuff than general build?

The Thursday and Saturday workouts are generally aimed more at short power between the two plans.

General Build isn’t going to focus on 1-3 min power more than Short Power. If you’re looking for 1 min power, that’s not quite “burst” but it’s not VO2max, it’s more in that anaerobic zone, and short power build will have more of that than General Build. Short Power is going to focus on repeating those short efforts over and over again. That’ll help you not only be able to put out more power, but to be able to repeatedly do so, which is how you’re going to break people… hit them with high power again and again until they crack.

I’d go Short Power if I shared your goals. (Just wrapping up General Build MV myself).

In short power build the over-unders are more vo2max work instead of around threshold like in general build. Also the Saturday ‘threshold’ workouts are all in the format of sprintervalls with a hard start.

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