Changing training goal mid-plan

Hi all, I’m about 6 weeks into my first plan which originally had a couple of centruries as my goal, a week apart at the start of June.

I’ve just booked a cycling holiday in Mallorca - 4 days at the start of May with a couple of guys that are a bit faster than me. I think the best way to enjoy that trip as much as possible is to focus my training on it and be in the best shape possible. The terrain looks a mix of long climbs and rolling.

My question is, what is the best way to handle this within TR? I don’t see an option to modify my training plan, so would it be best to stick with my current training plan given this hoiday is near the end of it anyway or start a new one, perhaps marking the holiday as a multi-day stage race goal?

And if I do that, does that reset me to base training again? Is that a problem?

You don’t have to start a new one per se, but if you choose to do it you can change INDIVIDUAL training blocks to align with your new goal… simply navigate in your calendar to the start of the training block(s) you wish to update, click the block name, and change the focus of the block to a different one (i.e Century → Rolling Road Race) if that suits your goal better…

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Assuming your current plan is a plan builder one, I would suggest adding a new A Race date on your calendar to represent the first day and then adding a time off annotation for the remaining 3. The system will adapt around it

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Thanks both,

So for future searchers, I could only change blocks for variations of the same focus (ie. Sweet Spot I to Sweet Spot II or polarized)

Adding the races to the calendar didn’t work either.

What worked in the end was changing the priority of my A-event to B, which prompted TR to rebuild the plan allowing me to add my holiday as a stage race of climbing road races.

This rebuilt my plan without resetting phases or blocks. It seems to have mostly just upped the intensity a bit.

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