Training for Ironman bike relay (180k TT)

Hi everyone,

greetings from Germany, hope you’re holding up well during this pandemic.

I am going to do the bike part of an Ironman relay on July 3 this year (Challenge Roth) and need advice for choosing a training plan. I am not a triathlete (anymore) and focus only on road cycling and time trialing.

For reference:
I did this relay already in 2017, where I did a 5:12h for the 180k. I rode with a normal jersey and normal helmet on a very old tt bike with a rear disc. I didn’t have a Powermeter back then.
I am going to use the same bike and wheels because of budget reasons, but I will be wearing a TT helmet and some kind of TT suit (haven’t decided yet. I have a “hardcore” TT suit of which I am not sure if it’s comfy enough for such a long ride)
—> goal for this year is to go sub 5h!

Atm I am 66kg with 253FTP (I do testing and intervals in TT Position, Power on the road bike is usually a bit higher, maybe 7-10%)

I am riding since about 10 Years and have good experience with longer rides, also in TT Position. I train 5-6 times/week. I do around 8h/week right now but this will go up when the weather becomes nicer as I am doing longer weekend rides, so I guess I will be able to fit in about 12h/week from April to July. I will be doing a 9 day training camp in April and a 6 day stage race (Alps) in May.

Hope this information will help you get a better idea of what my situation is and what I am planning to do.

I am grateful for any tips on that subject!

Best regards

Same event, same question… :grinning:
How did you decide?