12 Hour Time Trial

After finishing my first full season of racing TT, I’ve just had a break from structured training for a few weeks and now I’m looking forward to next year. I found that I prefer the longer events, 10 miles are a young man’s game! With that in mind I’ve set my goals for next year , firstly to go under 4hours for a 100m TT (just missed it this year, if only I hadn’t stopped for a pee) and to complete a 12hour TT.

I’m just wondering which training plan would be best for these two goals. I did SSB, Sustained Power Build and a good chunk of the 40k TT plan, I switched a few workouts during speciality due to racing most weekends, but that path wouldn’t necessarily give me the endurance I’d need for those two events.

At the moment my plan, as I have a lot of time, is to work through Traditional Base, SSB (but swap the shorter SS intervals for 2 or 3 x 20 mins), Sustained Power Build (again swapping shorter intervals for longer ones) and then I’m a bit stuck. Reason I’m asking now is because I’m trying to lay out a plan on the Calender. I can usually manage two long outdoor rides per week, one midweek, one on Sundays.

Any experiences or suggestions very much appreciated.

At a guess I would think some of the iron man plans and not doing the run/swim workouts.

Sounds like what you are doing is about right. Last year I did SSB, Sustained PB and then I “mixed and matched” elements of 40K TT with other workouts. This year I plan general base, sustained PB and then the same mix and match approach. I also did quite a few longish outdoor rides. Basically, if you are fit enough to do a 100 in around 4hrs you are fit enough to do a 12 - the main constraints then become nutrition and the mental side

Thanks. I’ll crack on and get a plan together.