Training for a bike trip

Looking for advice. In late August, I will be on a six day bike trip. Each day is approximately 40 - 50 miles with an average 3,600 feet of gain. Looking to set a plan to get me there. Thanks in advance

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What elevation do you live at and what elevation will your ride be? I live at 430 feet above sea level and did not take into consideration that the trip I did was at elevations above 4,000 feet and spent one day around 6,000 feet. The lower oxygen levels made the ride difficult for me.

Thank you for the reply. The trip is in the Piemonte region of Italy. I live at around 400+ ft above sea level. Looks like the highest elevation, as best I can tell, will be around 1,500 ft above sea level. Having previously cycled in Tuscany, I assume a good part of the gain will be getting to the hotels at the end of the day. They are typically renovated castles that were strategically placed on the top of a hill. Thanks again.

Sounds lovely. I don’t know what your current volume or the intensity of the days you’ll be riding so, like all internet advice, take my comments as a suggestion :). My approach would be:
Plan wise I’d go with climbing road race or century. Low volume would get you there but I’d add an endurance ride a couple of times a month. I’d also do a few of those rides on the day after a training day to get the feel for multiple days in the saddle, check your bike fit and test equipment.

Make sure you put the event into the calendar, perhaps as a stage race, and mark it as your A event.

Thank you for the advice. My current volume is approximately 3 - 4 one hour rides per week. I was in the midst of the 6 week Polarized plan but, as of today, switched to a Plan Builder plan. Now will be Low Volume SS1, SS2 and Sustained Build (4 weeks of Build as that runs into the week before the trip). The additional endurance ride is a great idea, thanks. My schedule is Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday with HIIT strength and mobility training on Friday. I will probably add an endurance ride on Monday or Saturday. Thanks again.

I would definitely add endurance on one of those days. I’m not sure how fast you plan on riding but 40-50 miles might be around 3-4 hours. So I would try to plan a simple progression on that endurance ride to start at whatever you are currently comfortable with and increase that ride duration by around 20-30min each week.

If you are feeling apprehensive about the distance or number of days then you might consider doing a little simulation block 6-8 weeks before where you do 3-4 days of rides that you think will be a good representation of your trip.

But this sounds like a Trek Travel trip that my parents did and they really enjoyed it. So just don’t go too hard on the first couple days and you should be fine. Have fun!

Thank you. Also great advice. Backroads and this is our 7th trip. The day is broken up by morning and afternoon rides with lunch in between. So, there is plenty of rest. My goal, as always, is to stay out of the support van, unless it is my choice due to something to see, etc. (not fatigue), after all, it is vacation. My apprehension is all around the climbing. As sometimes happens on these trips, the climbing is weighted to the end of the ride when heading to the hotel, which is often on the top of a hill.

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At least it’s at the end so if you accidentally go to hard on it you will be able to recover immediately after! But really, if you are nervous about the climbing make sure you have the right gearing. If you aren’t using your own bike, as what gearing they have on them and see if you can request easier gearing (something like a 50/34 with 11-32). If you are using your own bike then look at your gearing and consider going easier if you are able to.

The other thing it just make sure you’re fueling enough. While on the bike, even if you don’t feel hungry, try to eat something every 20-30min.

There is nothing special about climbing that makes you more tired than other riding. It’s just that sometimes your gearing doesn’t allow you to keep the power low so that’s why I think the gearing part is super important.

Thank you. All great advice.

Just looked at the gearing. Looks made for climbing. 46/33 on the crankset and 10/33 on the cassette. Also, shifting is SRAM Red eTap. While I have Di2 on my bike, I am sure I will quickly get used to any differences. I find electronic shifting is great for hills. Now just need to get on with, and stick to, the training.

I am planning a 350 mile ride between Buffalo and Albany, on the Erie Canal Trailway, in August. I’m using the Gran Fondo plan, riding the TR plans using my Garmin outdoors, and was planning to ride 70 -85 miles per day. I’ve ridden a few 60+ miles rides in a day which took about 4 hours each time. I see you recommended Sangowitz to think about using the Century plan. Wondering if I should do the same? I don’t believe I will have the hills Sangowitz will encounter nor the lovely scenery. It sounds like a great ride. I spent some time in Italy but not on a bike.
I like the recommendation to add a some Endurance rides. Any advice would be appreciated.

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In this case, it might be a good idea to backdate the start date for Plan Builder, to pick up the (polarized) Base you have already done. This might give you a bit more of the Build phase.

So, here is a wrinkle. Now I am recovering from Covid. My time to train will now be almost exactly 3 months. Guess I will start the plan over and hopefully not be too fatigued to get into it sooner rather than later.

I crossed the country last year. I did as many long rides before as possible, then on the trip
“rode into the trip”. It took about a week before true all day comfort returned. I was also fighting the Northwest heat wave as well with day time temps often over 100.

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