Everesting training plan

I am was wondering which training plan would best be suited for a everesting attempt.
The hill is about 7 kilometers long with 440 metres of climbing and would take me roughly 30 minutes to climb.
I’m currently 6 weeks into low voĺume gran fondo plan.with 6-8 hour endurance rides on the weekend plus smaller rides outside.

@Bobcat6 I’ve used a supplemented Low Volume plan for Everestings, where I add an extra endurance ride (inside or outside) to the program. I’ve gone: Sweet Spot Base, General Build and Century Speciality (which they might rename Gran Fondo I think). I’ve done a Basecamp on the hills about 2 months before hand just to dial in riding tempo, nutrition and hydration.

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In all seriousness HV Sweet spot base, Sustained Power Build, century/climbing RR


If you’re doing a 6-8h ride every week already, you can probably already finish your Everest attempt…

I reckon the century plan? Fitness-wise, it seems you could successfully finish an Everesting ride right now, so whatever you are doing, keep it up.

Another thing I would definitely do is to put on easier gearing. No matter how easy your gearing is now, I think for an Everesting attempt, you need really easy gearing. For reference, on his previous Everesting bike Phil Gaimon (who is likely faster than you and surely much faster than me) used a 34:40 as his climbing gear. The other bit is nutrition.