Training after bicep tendon surgery

Fairly new to trainerroad but have had some pretty solid success with it. Despite coming down with the flu (twice) and a lengthy vacation, I managed to complete sweet spot base 1 & 2, and increased my w/kg from 3.8-4.2 during that time. I am now 4 weeks into general build and had a mishap while mountain biking, tearing my distal bicep tendon. I will be going in for surgery in a week and I’m trying to figure out how to salvage my training. I’ve basically had a complete rest week and was set to ramp test the day after the injury (July 2). I would like to maintain my fitness or even continue to build if possible. Should I continue on with my plan as is? Start back over with base training (trad or sweet spot)? Or switch all together to a maintenance plan for several weeks?

Thanks in advance for all input…

When I started my SSB portion I was 2 weeks removed from a labrum repair. I raised my handlebar some for a few weeks until I had full extension of my arm. PT said rock on with it as long as I had full range of motion and no pain during. My advice would be to talk to your PT before doing anything. Better to take 2-3 weeks easy and rebuild then have to have surgery, again. My sling came off after 10 days and started with PT at 2 weeks removed from surgery. Everyone is different though.


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