Post Surgery Training

Hi there- first time on forum so don’t shoot me if I do something wrong here. I’ve recently had shoulder/torn bicep tendon surgery (4 weeks post op) and have been getting on my trainer and doing random workouts on TR. I’d like to start on a TR plan, but I know that I can’t currently (and not for another month) grip the bar with my injured arm. (I ride with a standing table near me so I can rest my elbow on that side which takes 100% of the bicep out of the equation. Works really well! So question is- should I just continue with random workouts, or, jump into a training plan knowing that on the hard intervals I simply won’t be able to give it my all due to only holding on with one arm. (this also applies to a FTP or RAMP test- hard to really go for it with one arm on the bars). Any thoughts on this from the forum would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I road on the trainer 1 week post r shoulder labrum repair I had 4 anchors put in. I did easy stuff for first week. Then increased intensity, I also couldn’t grip the bar with that arm so I just kept it to 30-45min. I think I was on the road after 6 weeks and crashed at week 7.

I would move at your own pace. I always felt less pain in the shoulder after the ride


You could start a traditional base plan and keep intensity low that way.


This 100%.

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I’m 12 weeks out from total knee replacement. Totally different surgeries; however, I highly recommend Kelly Starett’s surgery series on YouTube.. His surgery was after mine and I found this series about 7-8 weeks into my recovery but very good stuff here.

Google him if you’re not familiar with his background/experience, He has worked with several TDF cyclists.

Know Kelly well. I find that he doesn’t load joints enough typically. Check out Tyler Nelson- smartest guy I’ve ever met about recovery and loading.