Offseason training with Shoulder Injury

Hello everyone. Long time lurker on these boards and figured I would throw my hat in for some advice.

I recently crashed out of IMFL and separated my shoulder (grade 3 AC separation). Seen some local shoulder guys (team docs for local Big 12 school and NBA team). Basically the recs are no surgery, rehab for 6-8 weeks, no swimming or lifting for 6 weeks. OK for bike trainer now, ok to run in a sling but that didn’t feel great so I’m gonna take 4-6 weeks off from running.

I started TR 2 years ago from an FTP of 130 now up to 250 (I weigh 160-165#). IM power is 180W. Cycling is by far my weakest part of triathlons and I want to get stronger and want to use this as a 12 week opportunity to get stronger on the bike.

The hardest cycling weeks I’ve done have been 400 TSS (all trainer), but overall weekly TSS leading into the race was around 1000.

My question is should I do sweet spot base high volume or mid volume?

If high volume should I just drop one of the sweet spot workouts and do the 3 hour rides that have an IF 0.67 vs 0.8?

If mid volume should I adjust one of the weekend workouts to a longer 0.67 IF ride or just add a longer ride?

Thank you for an awesome podcast and forum.

I had a grade 3 separation last October 2018. To rehab I did mid volume Traditional Base 1, 2 and 3. The low intensity allowed my shoulder to heal without having to push it. Your shoulder will feel better before it’s fully healed, so don’t rush it. Then I did: Build - SSB 1 & 2 - Build - Specialty. This took my FTP from 250 to 300 that included 7 XC races and 1 brutal MTB :100:.

I wouldn’t do high volume, those are truly for the 1%. If you want to swap out a long outside weekend ride in mid volume then Sunday is a good option.