Elite Kura + trainerroad + macbook pro + zwift

I have converted over to trainerroad from zwift a few seasons ago now. The novelty of virtual cycling in a virtual world wore off fast for me. The structured training is what I needed. However, Zwift racing has some appeal now that real-world racing is out of the question for a bit AND from time-to-time, I wouldn’t mind the “eye-candy” that Zwift offers over what YouTube and Netflix offers while training indoors.

There are a lot of threads about running the two platforms simultaneously. Right now, I run my Elite Kura’s power/cadence to my Macbook via bluetooth as well as HR from Wahoo Tickr. Though the Kura has both Ant+ and bluetooth, it will only do one (and only one) at a time…which can be super annoying because it goes with whatever it finds first.

I do have an ant+ stick but I’m not sure how that helps if my trainer is only broadcasting bluetooth or ant+ NOT both simultaneously.

If two ant+ sticks would work (as some have suggested with other setups), then why won’t the bluetooth signal be picked up by both trainerroad and ant+? Can’t two programs / devices / apps pick up on the same bluetooth signal?..or is this something unique to ant+ that allows this?

Possible solutions would be great. Tested solutions would be even better :slight_smile:

Thank you greatly!

Think of Bluetooth as a one to one conversation that is bidirectional. And Ant+ as a one to many speech that is unidirectional.

Some devices have multiple Bluetooth channels like the Wahoo Kickr and Garmin HRM-Duel so it can talk via Bluetooth to two different devices at the same time.

Adding a 2nd Ant+ stick is like adding a second pair of ears to listen. As each piece of software (Zwift/TR/Garmin Express) grabs everything the Ant+ stick hears so they each need their own.

Sounds like with the elite you need to go down the multiple ant+ route.

Only other thing I can think of that might help is the 4iiii gizmo that re-broadcasts ant+ over Bluetooth or vice versa but I’m not sure on the detail of that device.


I have a MacBook Pro, Stages PM, Wahoo HR monitor, Kickr Core and bluetooth headphones. I had dropouts with Zwift early on with bluetooth and haven’t looked back since I got an Ant+ dongle and USB extension cord so I could drop it on the ground right under by bottom bracket (in a plastic bag.). When I signed up for TR I bought a second Ant+ dongle and USB extension cord and run both TR/Zwift with Ant+. Only one application can use an Ant+ dongle at a time.

As @SeeEl said, bluetooth is paired and point-to-point. Ant+ is more of a broadcast, though. I just have to make sure that Zwift doesn’t pair with the Kickr core in FEC mode when I am going to run TR with erg mode. To force Zwift to Ant you can set it to pair bluetooth via the companion app and then don’t have the app running when you are pairing devices. I also have bluetooth disabled in TR. Headphones get turned on last as I get weird bluetooth errors if Zwift tries to pair when my headphones are connected. Not sure why that is the case, but its what I’ve seen.

My process is:

  • start Zwift and pair power/HR/cadence but not controllable trainer via Ant+. (Bluetooth is set to use the companion app and after initially making that change the companion app is off when I start zwift)
  • start TR and pair power/HR/trainer via Ant+. Trainer is paired in controllable / FEC mode.
  • Pair headphones via bluetooth.

It doesn’t take long once you get in a routine.

For Bluetooth, if your trainer/HR monitor is taken by one app, the other app won’t detect the Bluetooth signal anymore.

For Ant+, your trainer/HR monitor can be connected concurrently as long as each of the device can receive Ant+. For example, if your trainer is connected to TR software on your computer, it can also be broadcaster to your bike computer at the same time since both your laptop and bike computer can receive Ant+ signals.

However, one thing I notice is if I want to open two apps such as TR and Zwift on the same laptop through Ant+, I will need 2 Ant+ receiver instead of 1. Otherwise, only one app can work at any given time.

I have two laptops; so I normally open one app on each laptop. I would firstly open Zwift, connecting my trainer/HR monitor/cadence sensor all through Ant+, making sure Zwift only reads as power meter, not as controllable. Then, I would open TrainerRoad, connecting everything all through Bluetooth. It works perfectly for me.

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