TR and Zwift on iOS

I’ve been using TR and Zwift with a PC for months and it has all gone well. I use two ANT+ dongles. My PC is dying however, and I’d like to move to using either just my iPad or, if necessary, my iPad and iPhone. I’d really like to keep both apps going at the same time, with TR in control of course.

Has anyone done this and got a robust system that Just Works?

I do a similar thing on long TR workouts, PC runs Zwift (Trainer runs ANT+ and is used as a power source in Zwift) and phone runs the Trainerroad workout and controls the trainer.

As long as one of the devices you plan to use has ANT+ support (you mentioned ANT+ dongles) this will work fine. You just have to tell Zwift to not use a controllable power source.

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One other alternative depending on the whether the equipment you use is dual Bluetooth/ANT+ might be to use the NPE cable or 4iiii Viiiiva as a bridge.

You can connect Bluetooth directly to one source and convert the ANT+ signal to bluetooth to connect to the other - I do this with TR on iPhone and Zwift on Apple TV.

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