Trainerroad on phone and Zwift concurrently

Random question. I know we are able to use Zwift and Trainerroad concurrent on TV, Computer, tablet, etc. However, what about on a phone and Zwift at the same time in Ergo mode in particular? Is that possible? I ask as all of my other devices decided to take a crap at the same time…

Are you looking to run TR on your phone, and Zwift on another device, or was the plan to run both on the same phone?

I’d guess that you’re going to have a really tough time getting them both to run simultaneously on a smartphone. They are both pretty demanding apps, and I don’t see them playing nicely together. :face_with_peeking_eye:

With that being said, I’ve never tried this myself nor have I heard of anyone else doing it before so I can’t say that under the right circumstances it won’t work… :man_shrugging:

Most likely you’ll be needing bluetooth to connect from a phone. Usually only one connection is possible with bluetooth. This is despite the performance concerns eddie is mentioning.

Its possible but not desirable. If you run your phone with an ANT dongle (I have a Lightning iPhone one from years back) running TrainerRoad, connected to ANT-trainer, ANT-powermeter and ANT-heart rate you can then connect to Zwift on Apple TV with Bluetooth. However, you’ll need to make sure that Zwift is not controlling resistance. A bit of a faff to set up and its still possible to run into undesirable interactions between TR and Zwift.

I run zwift on a laptop using bluetooth connected to a tv via hdmi and then my TR workout on my head unit using ant+. The TR workout is scheduled as “outside” in my calendar, and I set my wahoo head until to “indoor.” Alternately you can run both TR and Zwift on a laptop (likely not smartphone or tablet) and have both run in separate windows. i.e. TR minimized to the bottom with only pertinent info showing while running zwift above (all using hdmi cable to connect to a larger screen) in the latter case you would need a good ant+ dongle for your computer. I didn’t have as much luck with the two window setup.

I have run both on a iPad using the sidecar feature of iPadOS. Zwift is full screen with TR in the sidecar usually on the left side for me. For hardware I am running a Kickr and my garmin vector3 with powermatch in TR.
I don’t think it will work on a smartphone (iPhone at least) because it doesn’t have the sidecar feature. So you can’t have both on the screen at the same time. One app will have to be in the background and, on iOS at least, it isn’t true multi-tasking only some functionality of any app will continue to work in the background.
I think the best option might be to run TR workout as outside workout on head unit and zwift on phone.

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