Dan Empfield, Slowtwitch.com, on TR calendar

Hadn’t seen this posted here yet, maybe better as part of another thread, but ST reviewed the calendar in a somewhat cursory fashion today:

Slowtwitchers on TR calendar

I have to say that as a data geek myself, I think TR’s calendar along with free TP or free Strava is probably enough for most people. I’ve gained a lot from looking at my own analytics such as NP, TSS, IF, CTL/ATL/TSB in the past few years, but most of those are readily available well enough in free software, where as the deeper dive performance analytics just aren’t as meaningful for me, and that’s why I plan to move forward using TR as my basic calendar/training long, but Strava/TR/Wahoo for more analytics along with Stryd for running analytics and a plain old stopwatch for my swimming. As always, YM(or K)MV.