Getting faster! Trainnow vs partially following a plan

Hi all,

I recently converted to TR from Zwift after getting some really good gains from random Zwift workouts over the course of a rainy month (maybe from like 3 to 3.3w/kg). I normally ride 4x a week and do some strength training (mainly tom danielson’s core advantage) 2x a week. My 2 week day rides are normally solo so I am happy to do structured training but my weekend rides are normally group rides so it would be hard to do structured training.

If my general goal is to just get fitter/faster particularly with climbs, am I better off partially following a low volume plan (i.e. doing 2 out of 3 workouts most weeks) or just using train now 2x a week + any days I don’t find myself in a group ride?


Personally, I think a LV plan without the weekend ride is better as it progresses within workout type throughout.

If you were to use TrainNow, I think you kind of need to know you’ll do one day as VO2MAX, one day sustained power. Or do blocks of each.

At least your workouts will progress within the type


I personally would follow the plan. I’ve experienced significant gains over the past 2-3 yrs with the low volume plan (plus additional EZ rides when I can) and I feel like the progression is a big part of it. I’m assuming Train Now is more about the right workout right now vs progressing you consistently over time.

I’m not sure how or which workout you would eliminate if you only wanted 2 workouts per week, but I would want the progression that AT provides.

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the ride to be eliminated would likely be the 90minute weekend ride (unless it is raining) as my weekend group rides are anywhere from 90 minutes to 4 hours, I think Train Now also has AT but not really sure as I am new.

What plan have you been following?

I believe AT adjusts your workouts based the type of workout (vO2, SS, threshold, etc). For example I just finished my LV base phase and my 90 min workouts have all been threshold. If I dropped that workout and did an outside unstructured ride instead AT would still progressively adapt my VO2 and SS workouts which are my 60 min workouts (Mon and Wed in my case).

My next block starting Monday is a build phase and it’s VO2 Monday, threshold Wednesday, and SS (90 min) on Friday. If I dropped Friday for an outside ride it would still adapt my VO2 and threshold rides that I completed on Mon and Wed.

This is my understanding of AT, but would welcome correction if I am off here.

Edit: Just to add to this without knowing anything about your schedule or life commitments. A couple years ago I switched my LV plans to M, W, F and it’s made a huge difference. I go 60 min on Mon and Wed and 90 min on Friday always on the trainer following my LV plan. This frees up the weekend for whatever I want. Some Sat/Sun’s I ride solo outside, others it’s a Zwift race, others it’s a group ride, others it’s a local MTB or cross race. Point is the M,W,F LV TR schedule give me total flexibility on the weekends. Again, may not work for your schedule but has been awesome for me.


Thanks appreciate the advice.

My current routine is:
Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Ride (will be structured from now on) (60mins)
Wednesday - core/strength training (50-60mins including warm up)
Thursday - Ride (will be structured from now on) (60mins)
Friday - core/strength training (50-60mins including warm up)
Sat - Ride 1-4 hours
Sun - Ride 1-4 hours (but never two huge rides in a row)

MWF for LVP might be a bit demanding for me as I would have to double up on riding and core/strength work and I have a demanding job. Maybe something for the future

If these group rides are sufficiently hard and long then you could swap out those for the sweet spot rides or associate them with the planned sweet spot workout so AT keeps you progressing

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Great - usually at least one of the rides would fit that criteria!