Missing Training Sessions

Hi Guys,
Now that it’s getting warmer in the UK I’ve been able to get out on my bike more at the weekend. My TR plan has me doing training on Tuesday, Thursdays, and Sundays… however I choose to drop the Sunday session because of the nicer weather.

My question is does TR adapt to this or should I, as it’ll become more and more frequent that I drop the Sunday session, create a new plan with just 2 days a week?

:rofl:TR never gives up trying to adapt your plan. Now, whether or not those adaptations will work well is another matter for which we will never have an answer.

@theflyingduttman THIS ABOVE ALL ELSE: have fun on your bike. So if the weather is nice and you want to go out for a ride, do it with a clear conscience. When you lie on your death bed, rewind that day and enjoy it again…because nobody is going to lie dying and think: I wish I could do that workout on the trainer one more time.


Cheers - a very good point… I’m all about the enjoyment… but I need to see if I should change my plan to only be on 2 days so at least the 2 days will benefit me… or keep my plan as 3 days and delete a section as and when.

Adaptive training will not adapt for unstructured outdoor rides…yet. If possible you could do the scheduled workout as an outdoor ride and then rate it accordingly at it will adapt for that.
If this isn’t possible then whether you have a schedule with only two days and add a outdoor ride or 3 days where you swap one for an outdoor ride probably results in the same outcome as far as adaptations go. I think it will do adaptations only based upon the two structured workouts that were completed and not count the outdoor ride unless it is associated with a TR structured workout. The unstructured outdoor ride will count towards AiFTP detection though.
If it were me, I would opt for doing outdoor ride as TR Outdoor workout as my first choice. Second choice would be to make sure that I pick the two most important workouts of the week as my indoor structured rides knowing that I’m not sacrificing the most beneficial ones.

It adapts as if you did nothing that day. I personally have stopped accepting adaptations that lower my PL because my workouts become to easy. I rather it maybe get to a point where it’s hard and I tell it to adjust.

Basically, I’ve only been letting it adjust when it’s a result of how a workout felt for me, not because it thinks I missed a week of fitness when in reality I did outdoor rides.

When the summer hits again, I might start doing at least 1 workout indoors and pick the longer 1.5 hour workout of the low volume plan.

Not sure if this is the best advice, just what has worked for me. I don’t race so I’m OK with this not being perfect as long as I see some progress.