TrainerRoad self launching on Mac?

So weird thing started happening on Mac OS Big Sur. TrainerRoad keeps opening itself up at random times?

Anybody else seen this? Its not just my system, its my pancake Mac and my partners MacBook as well?

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Yes, it happened twice to me, soon after upgrading to Big Sur. Hasn’t happened in a couple of weeks, though.

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Its the TrainerRoad ‘Accoutability Ghost’ reminding you to start your workouts.

JK. Thanks for reporting this, definitely curious if it’s related to Big Sur, hopefully, if more athletes are experiencing this they’ll chime in!


Could be similar to what Chrome does annoyingly.

Try this → Stop Chrome from Auto Opening at Mac Login | Nektony

If TR isnt in that list I am not sure lol

I’m experiencing the same thing! Also on Big Sur, TrainerRoad starting randomly. Happens with no other application.

@mrpbennett: not sure that your suggestion is really valid. the behaviour observed is not “TrainerRoad starts right after login to the user” or sth. similar, but TrainerRoad would start in the middle of web browsing… after a (what seems to me) random amount of time.

First time I observed this I actually thought I had typed some kind of keyboard shortcut without being aware. But it actually happened multiple times by now.

Two diff MacBooks both on Big Sur. Never experienced this random issue with TR or any other app. :man_shrugging:t2:

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FWIW, I’m using the beta and haven’t had this happen (yet).

Also, you legit made me LOL with that comment about the Accountability Ghost.


Correction… I updated to the latest beta this AM and now this afternoon I have also encountered this random self launching of TR. Note I was several versions behind on updates. So, I am unable to say which update may have introduced this new “feature” :smile:

Big Sur 11.1
TR 2020.51.0.129-beta

edit: also updated the other MacBook Pro and later that afternoon I was surprised w/a TR self launch :man_shrugging: same version information

Thank you so much for reporting this! Passing along to the team. :v:

It happened again a few minutes ago.


Hey! Do you mind following up with the team as we’re tracking this issue by user and TR version? You can either reply directly to your previous support ticket or start a new one by writing Sorry for the trouble, thanks in advance.

This happened to me in December, and I thought I was going crazy. It just happened again today. I’m using v. 2020.51.2.121

Quite annoying, as this has never happened with any other app on my system.