MacBook Air "Something Went Wrong" on Laptop App

Anyone having this issue this morning/historically?

I’ve restarted the computer and redownloaded the app. Still just comes up with something went wrong, almost immediately on the app without even attempting to load.

Launched w/out issue on MacBook Pro (Catalina 10.15.5). I let it set for a few minutes since I knew it was out of date. Sure enough, an update was available. I updated and restarted w/out issue.

Was this with or without internet when you started TR? While it will run w/out an internet connection, I believe it has to have one at least once every 30d or something to verify your account status. When was the last time you used TR?

I would fire off an email to They’re quick to respond and will surely get you sorted with a quickness.

Our Support Team will be happy to help you get this issue sorted out right away. You can reach the team at :+1: