Easy App Improvement

Hey guys! I know you’re looking to take data form us Beta’s on the beta updates, but I have a simple app improvement that would make my day. How about allowing the app to remember the user so I don’t have to freaking sign-in every time I use it on the lap top?

Oh and before all you smarto’s jump my sh*t for this being my problem: Trainerroad is one of 11 apps I use every day. TR is also the only one that gives me this issue. Teeny, tiny issue to be sure, but it’s getting annoying.

FYI this happens with both the Beta and regular version.

Can you clarify Win or Mac?

I am on Win 10 PC and never need to log in repeatedly like you describe. I don’t think something is right, because it works for me and others (also those on Mac) from everything I have ever seen. Seems like a bug of some sort to me.

I suggest you send this directly to support@trainerroad.com so they can review it.


Yeah as Chad says I use Windows on my laptop and hardly ever need to sign in, maybe once every few months max

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I use TrainerRoad on a Mac and I have never had to sign back in… just opens every time

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Not sure what you are doing but I think I have had to re-sign back in twice in the last 3 years and that is including mac, windows and ios. I am counting after I have signed in the initial time.


iMac here, never need to sign in manually for TR ever. Zwift on the other hand will randomly prompt me to enter my password again every few weeks

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I use the app on an Iphone, Ipad and a pc…dont have to resign in. It doesnt matter if its the regular or the beta version. I think your missing the option to tick the box to remember your login.

Hey there!

I just wanted to quickly chime in here. As the above commenters mentioned, your login information should be remembered and you should not have to sign in every time you open TrainerRoad.

It sounds like you may have a problem with Windows Credential Manager - I’d suggest opening it up, looking for any saved credentials for TrainerRoad, and making sure that they’re current. :slightly_smiling_face:

Let me know how that goes when you have the chance. If the issue persists, it may be best to reach out to our support staff at support@trainerroad.com as this is definitely not expected behavior.