TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Wahoo ELEMNT

Ok…that was fun! Have to learn about keeping within the target with hills and such but overall really pleased.


Thanks, Tony.

Did my first outdoor workout today. It was a huge reminder of how hard it was to do structured workouts in the past and how very awesome erg mode and smart trainers are!

On the other hand, time flies by when you’re outdoors and focused on holding a specific range while dealing with traffic, stop signs, rollers, etc. An outdoor 90 minute workout feels half as long as an indoor one!


Did another today - Levitt +2. My weakness is holding longer efforts near FTP, so this was just the thing I needed. Hard work, but easier to do outside than the one I did yesterday. I’ll definitely be doing this one again.

Thanks to everyone for their advice on how to make all this work, and to TR and Wahoo for making it happen!

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I figure this is something I’ll need to talk to Wahoo support about, but wanted to see if anybody else had a similar issue.

I have TrainerRoad linked on the Wahoo app, and outdoor workouts show up on both the ELEMNT Bolt and in the app. However, whenever I select the planned workout (either from the Bolt itself or from within the app) it just automatically sets me back to whatever page I was on already. When looking in the page setup menu on the app, it appears that I do not have the default planned workout page for some reason. I’ve tried resetting all pages to default, but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

The workouts are definitely running after I select them, as on my ride today I got the little pop ups indicating the start or end of an interval. I think the issue is that I just do not have the planned workout page on my Bolt for some reason. Weird!

Love your work TR team

Thank you thank you thank you

Love being able to safely follow a workout outside and a route too.

I customise the map page to include target power and 3s av power - that’s all I need and I am so pleased I don’t have to recreate TR rides in training peaks to get them to my Elemnt.

Super happy customer.

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There should be a workout page that only shows up when you load a workout. Have you ever tried a workout from wahoo’s library or TrainingPeaks? If the page also doesn’t show for those, then contacting wahoo support would be a good idea.

Did my first outdoor ride on Saturday. Easy to set up and run. I think I’ll still do most of my structure inside but good to know how easy it is if I want to go outside.

My main question is what power measure people are using. I did 3 sec average but it still jumps around a lot. I wonder if for outdoor rides I should have it show 5 seconds? What is everyone else displaying?

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That may well vary with devices. Pedals for instance, may need more smoothing compared to something like a PowerTap hub. I think 5-10 seconds may be better for the more jumpy power meters.

I’ve got Quarq cranks on both my bikes

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I think this can only be done on the desktop site or on TrainerRoad’s website in your phone’s browser. This would be great product / feature update for the app!

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I use 3 seconds with Assioma pedals. Used the outdoor option this morning with my Elemnt. Worked very well if the darn road would just stay flat!


So good to get out of the dungeon today and use the outside workouts on my Wahoo!


sweet spot ?

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Chris Froome used to do that when he was a kid riding a mountain bike in Kenya to pretend like he was riding uphill on the flat ground!

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I miss a lot the possibility to do outside workouts with HR sensor. Before it existed the Trainerroad-wahoo elemnt workout transfer I used to plan the workout through TP, It was easy and power and HR choices. Now if you don’t have a powermeter, wahoo elemnt doesn’t show HR ranges or references. It’s a pity.

Did my first test workout today. It uploaded fine, simply worked, but I have some questions / comments:

-What do the LEDs on the top of my Bolt indicate on the workout page? I thought it would be +/- target watts (with target in the middle), but it didn’t seem to behave like that

-How should I expect the ride to load into TR? It uploaded via Strava in a typical “Morning Ride” way. This is fine, but I thinking it would somehow update with the workout name and/or picture of the workout profile, ala TR indoor workouts. On second thought, maybe that isn’t possible, but wanted to ask.

-I did a short 20 min workout ahead of a group ride. I ended the workout and started a new ride. About halfway into the group ride I looked down and it said “workout loaded” or similar, and re-ran the same workout while I was riding. I didn’t touch anything, it just did it on its own. Odd.

Details on the LEDs:


Today I manually pushed a non-sceduled workout to my wahoo bolt. The workout itself ran flawlessly on the headunit but neither Strava nor TR recognize it as a TR-workout. What did I do wrong?

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