TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Wahoo ELEMNT

That would be my thinking too. Just seemed strange to me because the top of the range, if I remember correctly, was above the interval wattage in the app. It would be nice to know if I should stay in the median of that range or if I really should be striving to achieve the top end of that range.

I guess to clarify, I was confused by what I should actually be trying to achieve, the top, bottom, or median of the range. But I’m sure the training stress is probably the same regardless of where you are in that range. :+1:


I shoot for the middle of the range, but actual power is often above/below due to changes in wind or hills.

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DC Rainmaker’s new post:

Hey @scottish,

@bbarrera pretty much nailed it! We choose to do a range on outside workout intervals since it is much harder to nail a specific power value with all the external factors that come along with riding outdoors.

Anywhere within the range should still give you the desired training adaptation, but if you want the workout to be as close to the inside workout equivalent I’d recommend aiming for the midpoint of the range.


Fantastic. Nice work guys! Very slick to use with wahoo. I’ve been waiting for this and started my TR subscription as soon as it was announced. I’m really looking forward trying out various outside workouts and routes. 5⭐️ - love the podcast!

+1 for tighter integration of outside workouts with analysis. It was well stated in this post: Visualization of interval structure for outdoor workouts [Feature Request]

For those asking if the “outside workout” on the Elemnt could control their trainer, Ray says “Yes”:

You can skip ahead to a different step/section of the workout by using the little arrow keys. And like other structured workouts, you can also do these inside controlling a trainer if you want to. Though honestly I’m not really sure what scenario you’d ever do that unless you had just managed to break your phone (since just using the TrainerRoad phone app would be a better experience). Still, ya got options!

So it looks like we can use this inside with ERG. I’m assuming you just need to pair the trainer to the Elemnt and off you go.


Tried this again and got it to work. I made a workout for today, tomorrow (Friday), and Saturday that are all set as ready to pulled for Wahoo. However, only the workout for today and tomorrow pull over (still PROGRESS!!!).

Can we get clarification on the three days window as “3 days in advance” would imply? Is it truly three days in the future? Today, tomorrow, and yesterday? Something else?

Also, is there a way to switch a workout from inside to outside mode from the mobile app (Android) or only from the desktop PC calendar?

Thank you for the clarification! Appreciate all the effort. Game changer feature for sure.

One trick I use is to set the Top power zones to bracket the interval power targets. You can also set the bottom ones for the recovery zones. That way I have easy visual feedback via the side LEDS about my effort level instead of the screen.

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Tried this out for the first time last night and it worked pretty well for me. Only a few complaints.

  • Wahoo screen is much harder to read at a glance than my iPhone
  • Intervals do not auto-pause when I stop pedaling
  • There needs to be a way to switch a workout from indoor to outdoor via the iPhone app. It’s annoying that I have to use the website to switch the workout.

So currently, I’m not 100% sold if I’ll use the new Wahoo integration of if i’ll continue to just use the iPhone app to power my intervals. I find that the biggest advantages of simply using the iPhone app outside is that the font is so much larger, that if I want to check my power output I can spot it at a glance without risking a crash. Additionaly, the auto-pause while coasting on the iPhone app is extremely useful when coasting if I have to let off for just a second to pass through an intersection or take a corner. I understand there’s a manual pause on the wahoo, but it’s not as simple to use.

Anyways, I’ll probably try a few more workouts on the Wahoo before I revert back to the iPhone app.

I already did it and it works perfectly. This is why I would like to push “inside” workout to my wahoo unit.
My problem with my actual setup is that 20% of the time, my bluetooth crash on my phone and it mess with my training. My wahoo unit is way more robust.

If I could push my training to my wahoo unit, I could do my TR training inside (on my wahoo unit).



Do we need to setup anything for the workout to work inside with ERG mode with the Kickr?

I have not done it, but you need to connect your trainer to the Elemnt at least.

These are the official instructions that should be what you need to do.

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I think one of the keys to success with head units is limiting the amount of fields displayed. When I ride I have only 2 fields showing, target power and 3s power. Everything else is overload.

On a few previous podcasts they talks about cognitive load and its taxing nature on the rest of the body during hard loads. By limiting the amount of stimuli while riding you allow your body to focus on doing the work.

You could try sticking target power and 3s power as the top (2) fields on your wahoo, then zooming into those two fields to make them extra big. This would aid in both quickly glancing down and limiting additional cognitive load as well. Just my $0.02


Does the Wahoo zoom on the workout screen? I completely forgot to try that. Typically when I ride, I do only display 3s power and cadence, so having all of the fields so much smaller than normal really caught me off guard.

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Sure does. I use this often. Just use the Up/Down arrows on the right side of the unit.

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I do this all the time!

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I’m case you haven’t, swipe down in the app scheduled workout page, the workout should pop in.

Tried it for the first time today. Easy to load a workout and targets / screens all very clear. It’s all pretty intuitive. Great. Thanks to both teams.

Only thing I had trouble with was working out how to pause the workout until I reached a convenient location [uninterrupted rises] for the higher power intervals.

Tap the middle button to pause the workout, which keeps the ride recording, but pauses the workout until you’re ready to resume.

Edit: Since there isn’t a way to move to the other pages after pausing the workout, pressing the left side button two times will show the “page” option in order to change pages.