TrainerRoad Outside Workouts on Wahoo ELEMNT

No. That’s how it works. Why is this an issue?

Yes, everything was up to date.

When I tried the sync from the app again this morning, the workout came through. Nothing changed in my setup, so don’t know why the sync worked today but not yesterday.

Same thing happened to me. It didn’t work for me yesterday despite the setup being done correctly. However, today it works.

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I tried this tonight, worked great! I’m on a recovery week in plan so kept it simple at scheduled Francs Peak. I was late heading out so it was getting dark but the ELEMNT Bolt led’s were really useful at telling me if I was over or under target. If the nice weather holds I may get to use a few more times but can definitely see me using this more next spring.
Thanks for all the hard work from both TrainerRoad and Wahoo.


SO happy to see this finally released!!!

The target range is interesting - never got that before when I was making them in TrainingPeaks - only a fixed value would show up. And it looks like we still have total control over whatever fields we want to display in the planned workout window.

Just finished SSB2 yesterday doing the vast majority of them outside after manually making them in TP or memorizing them. I’m a lot more excited to get another plan going now as it’ll be that much easier - a few less excuses!

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Because it wont let me change the fields in the planned workout screen. Trainerroad even tells u how to set it up for a Garmin. But with wahoo if inset a custom page I cant use all the features

Huh? Unless I’m missing something you’re trying to do; you just go to settings - pages - planned workout and then change the fields. See attached. Then add, remove, or reorder the fields and this is the same page that should have the skip, rewind, fast forward functions for the intervals.


True but I’ll still have the graph underneath that I don’t care for.

Out of interest, so you normally get target power with your TP workout? I expected it to work like this but after creating the TP workout the target power showed NA…

This is great news, well done guys. Looking forward to trying this is out.

The new outside workouts feature made me think “Wouldn’t this lend itself to other types of workouts?” :thinking: Am I the only one that thinks the TrainerRoad swim and run workouts from the triathlon plans could also be made into “outside” workouts? A structured workout available on my watch for pool would be very handy, same-same for run workouts either on a treadmill or outside. Maybe Nate, Chad and Jonathan could trial them for their upcoming triathlon training? I’m sure it would have some teething probs, but nothing the guys at TR couldn’t sort out :grin::+1:


I hope the mobile app will be updated so we can select “outside” for workouts for ease of use. Seems like an unnecessary step to go on desktop to select outside workout. Not to mention personally i never use desktops


you can still use your mobile browser - works fine.

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Super excited about this update; been waiting on it for a while. Now I don’t have to pull out my phone a million times because I forget the workout immediately after reading it.

For those of us operating with different FTPs inside and outside, does the option exist to export out with our “Outdoor” FTP? Or is it just reading the head unit’s FTP setting like other times or a percentage of it?

open web app: go to
phone auto launches app
close app go back to browser
go to calendar
find ride
select ride
select do ride outside
push to wahoo

If it was on the app
open app
Auto jumps to todays ride
choose do outside


Yea, I don’t remember having to do anything special for this to happen - but I also have no idea how you’d make it give you an acceptable range. I guess I never really paid that much attention to it. I did see that you can configure the fields shown in this screen just like all the other screens on the BOLT but I believe you may have to go to the planned workouts menu on the phone app to do it - maybe you need to just see if that data field is set there?

Used this last night for the first time. Really enjoyed it. Having a range for target power was very odd. Is there a reason it isn’t just set to a hard value? I did carson and when I view the workout online, for use in the app, the target power is exactly X. When doing the ride “outside” I have a target range of about 20 watts. I know warm-up’s need to be a range but I don’t understand why the intervals are a range. Thoughts?

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Do you have a Wahoo trainer? Go into the mobile app and disable Erg Mode Power Smoothing because your trainer isn’t telling you the truth.

@bbarrera I don’t follow. I used X as a variable because the actual number doesn’t matter.

What I mean is when I view the workout online on the calendar, the interval power target shows as exactly 212 watts. When I do the workout on the trainer on my elemnt bolt there is a target range for the interval of like 200 - 220.

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Gotcha, sorry I misunderstood the question. I looked for an official answer but wasn’t able to quickly find one on my phone. My perspective is that indoor riding is a highly controlled environment, and some users have Erg mode. Erg mode requires a single power target. So a single power target for indoors makes perfect sense. Outside you are dealing with wind and hills, so a power range is more realistic given the environment. I’ve trained outside and find doing sweet spot at say 225W is difficult to precisely target and so I like seeing a target range of powers (say 215-235W) on my head unit as it’s more realistic to maintain 5-sec power in the range.

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