Re-pushing outdoor workout to Garmin Edge 530

I was scheduled an outdoor workout on my Garmin but for a reason, the one that appeared was for a wrong date. I removed the incorrect workout, and redo the workout selection to outdoor and resync my Garmin, but it is written scheduled to push and it doesn’t appear on my Garmin workout (both in the app and the Edge 530). Is there a method to manually push this cuz I believe scheduled to push might work only 2 days in advance??

P.s: Restarted both Garmin connect and the Edge and it didn’t resolve the issue. TR, still says “Scheduled for Garmin”.


  • Amir

Hey Amir,

As long as the scheduled workout is within 48 hours, Garmin should pull the workout in right away; you do not need to have it scheduled two days in advance.

  1. If it doesn’t sync, try deleting the workout and rescheduling
  2. If that doesn’t work, try re-authorizing Garmin Connect and making sure you have the correct permissions enabled.
  3. If all that fails, reach out to TR Support at and we will take a closer look into your particular issue and see what is going wrong


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