TrainerRoad outside workout data fields

A bit of a random question. I have a Garmin 830 and I have the workout screen setup as per TrainerRoad recommendation for outside workouts. On the “Workout Comparison” field it shows the graph for the whole workout before the start button is pressed. When the start button is pressed it shows a rolling 5 minute (ish) window.

I want a data field that keeps the graph for the whole workout on the screen rather than changing to a rolling window. Is this possible? I really like to see where I am in relation to the whole workout.

Cheers, Greg

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I don’t think so but I wish it was. Kind of like the indoor user-face. I like knowing what’s to come and how many intervals are left.

Yes, I feel the same. Today I forgot how many 1 min intervals I had and I’d love to have to whole graph on the screen.

It’s not what you want, but you can check your progress within the workout by going to the workout data page, pressing the top right button (I have a 530, so maybe on the 830 you tap on the top right?) and then scrolling to “workout step notes”. There, you’ll see a full view of the workout, with the current interval flashing.

That’s brilliant. Thanks very much. Really helpful.

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You’re welcome! I do wish that the data field you described actually existed though …

Check out this post and following about @sir5 's Garmin datafield. Note the “reps to go” field which is a Garmin standard field.


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